UT Fashion Show-Fusion

Up and Coming Designers from Texas!

UT-FASHION-SHOW-CESTAROgreggcestaro.com This is the 3rd year shooting the UT Fashion Show with FashionablyAustin. Here, students show their latest for their final exam and for awards and prizes in a rather big production that is simulcast around the world via the Longhorn Network. Check out the complete show from both Cheryl’s and I’s perspective.  I was camera B along the backside shooting toward the end of the runway, which was a good place to be considering that 30 other photogs were in the pit shooting the same thing as everyone else. As much as I like to shoot up the middle as is the case in New York, sometimes the odd side angles get some interesting shots. It can be important to have something different to offer a prospective client than the other photographers have, so be open to the different angle or different lighting. These were shot with my 70-200 and 50mm at 1600 at 250-400/sec, hand held.


About AustinTxPhoto-Fashion Editorials and Video

I am a Photographer Graphic Designer in Austin, Cedar Park, Texas. Clean, Colorful Fashion Editorial, Beauty, Style, Glamor, and Fine Art Best Describes My Style. Austin Fashion Week Awards Best Fashion Photo 2012 and 2013. Fashion Reportage for FashionablyAustin and StyleBeacon.
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