Recent Business Photography for Advertising and Marketing

Business Photography by Cestaro (5)  I recently had a full business photoshoot for a nearby company for their marketing agency. For me, that meant a full day of groups shots, individual shots, service and action shots, product shots, indoor outdoor scene and color palettes and textures. All reqBusiness Photography by Cestaro (1)uire different styles and equipment. For the people shots, it was requested that it be shot on white, which I lit up with studio-lit cross-lighting. The service pics were for the most part were bounce lit with one specular back light, the use of my video light balanced with available light was also used in some detail shots. A remote flash on a stand in up angles or light painting added some dramatic lighting for other products and items. The main architecture image was shot in three available light exposures, the sky, the building, and the billboard and were blended in photoshop since the lighting intensities were so different.

Business Photography by Cestaro (4) Business Photography by Cestaro (3) Business Photography by Cestaro (2)

Post production was easy as I shot clean from the start, but it generally consisted of facial touch-ups, brightness/contrast, blur and sharpen, and level mods. For me, 3 dimensional lighting is the key to great photos. I wish I shot a Plain Jane on camera flash shot to compare what taking the harder creative lighting vs. the easier point and shoot/iPhone style looks like comparatively and how it benefits the clients marketing needs.

Business Photography by Cestaro (6)


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