Stephen MacMillian Moser Fashions

Fashion Week Finale Backstage Shoot

I had a great opportunity recently to photograph Stephen Moser’s latest Made in Heaven collection including the headdresses of Jennifer Ayers behind the scenes right off the runway the night of the AFW 2013 fashion awards, where our mash-up team, Vintage Deity won a golden boot, as did designer Moser for his long work in design. From the Austin Fashion Week website…”Segueing from costuming inCestaro-Moser-Fashionto fashion (but NEVER losing his since of theatricality), Stephen career took him from designing clothes for Divine in San Francisco in 1979; to selling his wares to Seattle boutiques throughout the 80s; to the windows of Bergdorf-Goodman, Henri Bendel, Saks Fifth Avenue, Felissimo, Frank Stella in the 90s, along with appearing in W Magazine, WWD, DNR and many other trade publications. After selling designs to the likes of Beverly Sills, Ivana Trump, and Anjelica Huston, Stephen returned to Austin in 1999 as the Style Avatar, with his After a Fashion column covering the style and social scene for the Austin Chronicle for the past 14 years. While his lifelong love affair with designing clothes often caused great heartache and he’s quit the business a dozen times, Stephen returned to the runway with a celebrity-studded, hi-glam fashion show at the Driskill in November 2011, called Eleven Eleven. Followed by a sensational display of design in Dallas, Stephen, Austin’s Grand Old Man of Fashion, is showing at the Austin Fashion Awards for the first time.

Cestaro Moser FashionPoster

This was one of the fastest fashion shoots I have ever done for a large group. I set up a black backdrop from ceiling to floor and two portable studio lights, 1 soft sidelight and 1 bright rear spot, unfortunately the spot was non functioning so I had to use the single soft. This was done in the tiny green room backstage as the mods exited the runway. I shot five photos for each model, a head shot, a couple of 3/4’s and a couple of full size’s in various poses and then on to the next. It took all of 20 minutes to shoot the crew, and even thought it was digital and I can see my work,  I was still nervous that I may have not got “the shot”, especially with the one light situation. It was in post production of the individual pics that I recognized the opportunity to photodesign the full cast in one amazing panoramic image. The main light was high to the right when I shot, but horizontal flip in Photoshop on half the crew made the light high to the left.  Assuming a central godly light on the center three models, artistically placing the left lit right lit in the opposite appropriate way yields a believable group photo homage to a stunning fashion show and designer.

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I am a Photographer Graphic Designer in Austin, Cedar Park, Texas. Clean, Colorful Fashion Editorial, Beauty, Style, Glamor, and Fine Art Best Describes My Style. Austin Fashion Week Awards Best Fashion Photo 2012 and 2013. Fashion Reportage for FashionablyAustin and StyleBeacon.
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