One Of My Favorite Up-and-Coming People

The Classic Model Makes the Image   After running into each other out in the Austin scene for a while now, finally working with this classic model was very cool. Actually, my first shoot with Lydia of WilhelminaBrown was an in the moment street shot at a Ron King mixer, the wintery fur-lined headshot the best, I think.  It’s mostly available backlight from a street light, light painting with a video light, just behind the white logo panel backdrop of the red carpet event I was shooting. This second series we did was with JR Salon. We started with the above flowery hair shot. Clean make-up and combed out renaissance curls, lying on white, with morning sun diffused through a translucent shower curtain, then some post on saturation, yields an elegant shot.  The second concept was done on black, styled after an elegant masquerade, pretty heiress reveal moment kinda thing. Evening wear, more dramatic make-up, and an elegant side sweep of loose curls.  This was primarily a one-light situation, 800 watt seconds, soft box to the right high, f32 range on the camera. A lot of pics came from the series, with looks ranging from Taylor Swift to Madonna, as the shoot progressed. Thats whats most interesting about getting into a groove, when the person you know in front of you can transform into different people right in the lens.  Then we did some pin-up styles in a vintage nautical short shorts and black bikini top, and a “Julia” braided wrap-around crown with flower highlight.  There were many shots that came from this series, some still in post, but I feel this is one of the better ones.  This was all made easy with 30’s styled pin-up lighting arrangement, to give it an instant Vargas Pin-up look, with very little post save the details and saturation.  The final series from the all day shoot was swimwear. Unfortunately, my portable studio light pooped out at the first shot and kinda changed the program from sculpted balanced flashlighting to sunlit backlit and reflected available light editorials done at “Floridaesque” Laguna Gloria in Austin, Tx.

I like ’em alot fer sure, but the swimwear concept deserves a revisit with the all important  portable studio light up and running, so I can get a more Victoria Secret styled looks, although, the candid, vintage softer looks captures her well.  Nevertheless, a talented model makes shooting easier and I look forward to working with her again and seeing her career progress.

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