Latest Archaeological Illustrations

HAND DRAWN FROM TEXAS SHIPWRECK Continuing with illustrations from this cool project I’m working on for the State of Texas, these two new sets of scientific illustrations are are primarily pen and ink and then blended pencil and ink for the ceramics.  While stipple has been the mainstay for this type of illustration, modification and combination of style including line, hatching with stipple provided the necessary technique to provide the texture of wood and applique. The sheath was found to best done as stipple but done in a line like the faces on a dollar bill.  The bells needed a finer stipple but with more white in the highlight areas to give it a metallic look. The ceramics on the other hand, were best done in blended pencil as stipple would have taken forever to draw and not have the important textures needed for their rough surfaces.  The right side shows the exterior and texture, the left, like an x-ray, shows thickness of the ceramic wall, together they create a full artifact shape even if it is drawn from a single rim fragment. Lots more to come.



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