More 3D Photos from Texas. Bastrop Fire Survey

POSTFIRE MOONSCAPE IMAGERY  We were tasked to do pathfinding archaeological survey for new fire abatement strategies at Bastrop State Park, the area destroyed by last years wildfire. I knew it was gonna be an intersting opportunity to witness the affects of fire over a large area, so while digging in various area of the park, I decided to take photos of some of the interesting things I saw.  Since it was so dramatic out there I decided to do some 3D photos and see how they worked. Like your eyes you take two photos of the same thing about 3 inches apart to give two separate images. Putting them side by side and using a little trick  (Parallel Viewing Method) you can see how stark and destroyed things are. Most images are landscapes with exception of the fire created tree root cavity, and an example of some of our trenching acitivities which seek to determine the geologic setting and how it relates to prehistoric human occupations in the area.

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