New Magazine Op with InFluential

Artsy Concept and Full Style Team Makes It Easier We recently completed an artsy themed photo shoot for the premiere issue of InFluential Magazine, at Russell Collection Fine Art Gallery and it turned out pretty cool. Thank you William Jackson Publisher, Lisa Esformes Russell, Laura – Model,  Eric Leonardos, Brandy Joy Smith, Maris Malone Calderón – makeup artist and editor Sandra Rascon! Here we styled the latest couture, with the latest art to create a combined artistic upscale pallette. The cover (left) left and back cover (right) were my faves overall. The black and white I really like as well as the center one. These required little if any post production as I have been trying more and more to get away from the “I’ll fix it in Post” mindset. Generally speaking it was a 2-3 light shoot, 50mm lens -set to 32, and creative light umbrella soft boxes either set on each side of the scene, on one side of the scene, or cross lit-and some pin-up lighting.  B/W was simply desaturate and burn and dodge.  

SEE the Premiere Issue Of InFluential Here:

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