Teddies for Betty’s ReGrand Opening

Battery Power, 1 Light, Beauty Dish, Transceiver Sync

greggcestaro.com  The other night I was sent to cover the Re-Grand opening of Teddies for Betty’s for Fashionably Austin.  It was at the nice 2nd street district in downtown Austin and the mods were dressed in the shops lingerie and stood in the shop window. Unlike the last Teddies Op for Austin Fashion Week, this time my portable studio light was fully charged and operational an had the added transceiver flash sync which allowed me to operate without cords in the crowded environment as well as homemade beauty dish.  After grabbing the scene photos of the party I focused on the fashions.  The pic to the left was what the scene looked like naturally when we rolled up, reflective and backlit.  On camera flash testing yielded the obvious-flash in the glass.  My first test shot with the Dish (right) was at an oblique to the glass and directly over the camera with slow sync from the previous party pics.  It has a certain quality and overall appeal,  accentuating the mannequin like look of the models in the window.  Not having a cord connected to the camera made moving around to different angles possible, like side lighting, crosslit, bounce, etc.  My wife Monica, also moved the light around. Plus setting the exposure to the model and not the environment yielded some interesting and unexpected results (below).  I don’t think I could have captured this particular look with an on camera set-up which was the mainstay to most of my on location photoshoots in the past. Additional post-production finished these as editorials. My fave is the middle pic for its overall magazine/catalog ready quality. I like the dreaminess of the  third pic and the edge lighting in the first. Thanks mucho to the models and Teddies for Betty’s for a nice downtown shoot.


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