SIMPLE PICS WITH NICE EDGE. Thumbing through the October 2010 Glamour I found a lot of cool editorial images, but what I liked was some of the more simple commercial shots, primarily for their overall low production effort, but nice overall feel and editorial edge.   Larger complex photoshoots are great, but these fun little shoots are something you can do anytime.


Unforgettable Moments… and UGG are like going on a picnic and should be shot with the same sense of intimacy for great effect.  Ingredients: model, grass, trees, overcast sky, white reflector, low camera angle.  Taking your time and creating a fun atmosphere gets playful fun images. Hurried, overly directed, or tense shoots dissolve into the blahs. The Pandora jewelry ad plays to me as observer, I gave her the bracelet and she is head over heels for it. But would the ad also have done well for women readers/observers if the picnic model was instead male and was handing the bracelet to the observer? UGG is so clean and simple its within reach for anyone. An overcast early morning or late evening sun, backlit model with two reflectors is probably all that was required to create the ad. Changing ones perspective really has to be key to fashion photos, i.e. adjust your vertical aspect beyond your normal.

Kat Von D for Sephora has such a great feel to it as a portrait. Soft, textures, and dramatic lighting really bring out her unique look. Model, Make-up, and hair were critical to make this ad pop for me.  The galvanized steel refrigerator background works well as I have found in my shoots to really create good reflective dramatic background. This has simple lighting too…the main light being a single light with beauty dish to create bright softness with fall off. Maybe a small softbox hairlight. Photoshop Post-Production could also create a lot of the shading and highlights as well.  As a photographer and graphic designer myself…of the three commercial ads,  I like Sephora the best for overall photodesign. I also like that pose that lends itself to really seeing her 3/4 profile, I’m gonna start off with that next portrait shoot.

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I am a Photographer Graphic Designer in Austin, Cedar Park, Texas. Clean, Colorful Fashion Editorial, Beauty, Style, Glamor, and Fine Art Best Describes My Style. Austin Fashion Week Awards Best Fashion Photo 2012 and 2013. Fashion Reportage for FashionablyAustin and StyleBeacon.
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