Finding Fashion Forward Fotos on the Fly: part 1

Austin’s West 6th WINDOW SHOPPING

picture in picture  Looking at your feet while walking down the street will help you miss out on some of the interesting things you can discover if you simply stroll with your head on swivel.  After the Deborah Main Designs Event at the Kreiss Grand Opening, I found the cool twilight and warm interior light played some interesting effects on glass and displays at Julian Gold as we walked back to our car. For me, seeing how the pre-existing sets of a window display has great potential for a more formal shoot with real mods, is obvious I know.  But, wouldn’t it be cool for example, in the picture in picture image, to  reshoot it with a well apportioned model’s face & figure in the passenger seat with either a real model in the set or just the manikin?  If not this, how ’bout working with just reflections? I was thinking while shooting…

Metallic and Fur for Fall

 CLOTHING VERSUS MODEL: A good obvious point is that these displays are fashionably current for one’s area, which if your artistic goal is fabric, form, and texture these displays work well and certainly the three-dimensional lighting and composition are instantly available thanks to the boutique.  One of the things that this concept yields is the guiltless “any woman” focus on the clothes and accessories without offending a model’s professional individuality.  Some criticisms of my fashion photography early on, was I focused on the model’s look and not the clothes look.  A boutique or designer advertiser is interested in every detail of the clothing design first and understanding what they are looking for is best for everyone’s business.  It is easy to overlook a design detail because you focused on the models great look at a given instant. A balance must be struck between the model, the clothes, and you to capture the important details first, then focus on the model’s wonderful look, especially dealing with full length shots.  In the course of shooting a project, photographing clothes then model, model then clothes, from close-up to distant, with different lenses and lighting guarantees everyone will be happy.  

FAUX FASHION SHOOT:  No matter what the season is, colorful photos can be found at boutique windows. Perhaps, it is more a matter of artistically documenting a still life, a historical account, much the same as impressionistic cafe shots of the past than the coolness of a real fashion shoot.  But then the point is to help train the eye at ones leisure, as you stroll the downtown scene.  Certainly, as with all fashion creative work we benefit from eachothers creativity.  With some modification and equipment this is my next  Austin Photo Project- a fashion snap shot of Austin’s Downtown boutiques windows. And I’m sure great shots of interior designs and furniture can also be found at some of our top shops.

Backlit Glassware on Frosted Exterior Glass

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I am a Photographer Graphic Designer in Austin, Cedar Park, Texas. Clean, Colorful Fashion Editorial, Beauty, Style, Glamor, and Fine Art Best Describes My Style. Austin Fashion Week Awards Best Fashion Photo 2012 and 2013. Fashion Reportage for FashionablyAustin and StyleBeacon.
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